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We are now sold out of our spring nucs for 2018.


New Products For April

Flat Varroa Monitor Tray

This multifunctional tray can be used t...

Combo Mouse Guard/Closure

This mouse guard for beehives serves as...

1 LB. Yellow Beeswax

Cleaned Yellow Beeswax has been heated ...


Monthly Specials For April

Swarm Catcher Hive 10 Frame

Our Swarm Catcher 10 Frame Hive kit mak...

$74.55 $70.82Save: 5% off
Swarm Catcher Hive 8 Frame

Our Swarm Catcher 8 Frame Hive kit make...

$69.65 $66.17Save: 5% off
Essential Hive 8 Frame

The Essential 8 Frame Hive kit includes...

$108.30 $102.89Save: 5% off
Essential Hive 10 Frame

The Essential 10 Frame Hive includes wh...

$118.10 $112.20Save: 5% off
3-Way Queen Mating Nuc

NEW! Available in February 2018. Our ne...

$52.24 $49.78Save: 5% off